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  • On tax-relief

    Posted on 17 April, 2015 by Robert Pullan in Legislation, Pensions.

    Here is an old one. This is an article I released in January 2003 following the publication of the December 2002 green paper: “Simplicity security and choice: working and saving for retirement” and the accompanying “Simplifying the taxation of pensions: increasing choice and flexibility for all”. The green paper can currently be found here and the taxation consultation paper here.

    Simplicity, security and choice

    Simplicity, security and choice

    This article was circulated by email in html format to contacts throughout the midlands; very snazzy for the time. This version is almost per the original, it’s missing some graphics and other bells and whistles.

    The tax-relief suggestion was a little early, but along the right lines.


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