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  • On tax-relief

    Posted on 17 April, 2015 by Robert Pullan in Legislation, Pensions.

    Here is an old one. This is an article I released in January 2003 following the publication of the December 2002 green paper: “Simplicity security and choice: working and saving for retirement” and the accompanying “Simplifying the taxation of pensions: increasing choice and flexibility for all”. The green paper can currently be found here and […]

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  • Winding-up is hard to do

    Posted on 22 March, 2014 by Robert Pullan in Pensions.

    This article on some of the aspects of winding-up a defined benefit pension scheme was first published to the Mallowstreet pensions community on 26th February 2014. For those not registered to Mallowstreet, the article is in pdf format here.

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  • Thoughts on low yields

    Posted on 14 April, 2013 by Robert Pullan in Debt, Economics.

    Low gilt and corporate bond yields have been with us for some time now: since 1994, 1998, 2003, 2009 …. Take your pick! How much longer? This thought piece goes back in history to the years 2000 to 2002 and looks at events in the context of writings from that period. Without once saying Japan […]

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  • Abenomics in Japan

    Posted on 9 April, 2013 by Robert Pullan in Economics, Investments.

      JGB yields are approaching the lows of 2003. The lowest close from 12 June 2003, on the day after Work and Pensions secretary Andrew Smith bolted the stable door with the horses inside, was a yield of 0.44% on the 10 year. There was no causation one way or the other between this UK […]

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  • To LDI or not to LDI? A question

    Posted on 13 February, 2013 by Robert Pullan in Investments, Scheme Funding.

    If one accepts a market based methodology to value pension scheme liabilities then success in funding terms over time is determined by whether the investment return on the scheme assets exceeds the market based change in value of the liabilities. This is of course subject to some caveats, the largest one of relevance to people […]

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  • Investment Blogs

    Posted on 7 February, 2013 by Robert Pullan in Investments.

    Over the years I have read many investment blogs of the free variety. What makes me stick with a publication is a variety of opinion and the occasional surprise. Variety of opinion is very hard to do without referencing others writings and so my favourite blogs are amalgamation blogs. All three blogs or publications mentioned […]

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  • Trustee Toolkit

    Posted on 1 February, 2013 by Robert Pullan in Trusteeship.

    It’s completed! My first job in the transition from trustee adviser to professional trustee was to complete the Trustee Toolkit: the free, online learning programme from The Pensions Regulator aimed at all trustees of occupational pension schemes. And developed to help trustees meet the trustee knowledge and understanding (TKU) requirements. So how did it go? OK. It’s […]

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