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  • Investment Blogs

    Posted on 7 February, 2013 by Robert Pullan in Investments.

    Over the years I have read many investment blogs of the free variety. What makes me stick with a publication is a variety of opinion and the occasional surprise. Variety of opinion is very hard to do without referencing others writings and so my favourite blogs are amalgamation blogs.

    All three blogs or publications mentioned here are very international in nature and the UK is mentioned as a small player with and of influence. The first two writers have goldbug or honest money tendencies although they try hard to hide them. This tends to make them more bearish on things financial and bullish on the commodity sector. They are also affiliates of each other. However they publish a wide variety of opinion.

    John Mauldlin has one of the longest pedigrees and largest followings and tends to circulate a wide variety of others material with brief commentary of his own on a twice a week schedule. A fairly easy read. I recommend a subscription to “Thoughts from the Frontline” and “Outside the Box”. See here to subscribe.

    Prieur du Plessis is based in South Africa. His Investment Postcards Daily is a more involved read being a series of links to other articles. Email subscription can be made using the ” + click to subscribe” button.

    Finally there is The Big Picture which alone can overwhelm your reading capacity. Barry Ritholtz claims to write this blog to organise his thoughts and not for your or my benefit. He is a much more bullish writer or referrer on the whole although I am sure he would claim to be wholly objective. Again, subscription can be made off  The Big Picture page.

    I hope you enjoy one or more of these blogs if you are not doing so already.

    I also subscribe to a few paid for electronic publications, but these are for another day.

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